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Heat Pumps for Mini-Split Ductless Units or Whole House HVAC Systems

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Single-Zone Ductless Heat Pumps

Single-room heat pumps are small, unobtrusive, energy efficient and ideal for heating a small space. Heat a small office or studio without the fuss of a furnace or the hassle of a ducted system. Daikin mini-split/ductless heat pumps consist of an indoor unit, which is either wall-mounted or floor-mounted and paired with a quiet and compact outdoor unit.

A Mini-Split/ductless system is a split system, which means it has components that are located inside and outside the home. The heat pumps provide year-round comfort by mechanically cooling or heating the air from inside your home while transferring the heat absorbed or lost to the outside via a sealed refrigerant circuit.

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Whole House Heat Pumps for High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling

Don’t let the name fool you. A heat pump, when matched with an air handler, may be an excellent alternative for both heating and cooling your home. Just think of a heat pump as a heat transporter, extracting warm air from your home during the summer, and reversing operation to bring warm air in during the winter.

Though it may be difficult to believe there’s enough warmth in outdoor air during the winter to heat your home, Daikin systems can actually deliver heat in conditions as low as minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit to keep you warm and toasty inside. However to handle extreme Minnesota winters a supplemental heat source is required.

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