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Gas, Forced-Air Furnace and HVAC installation and replacement

Our company trained HVAC technicians have years of experience assisting homeowners with the decision of whether to consider a new gas furnace installation, or to make repairs to their current system based on the age, condition and the expense of the repairs that are needed.

Professional Mechanical Services, LLC will help you review your options for repair or installing a new gas furnace, discuss tax credits plus local utility company and manufacturers rebates, and then provide an accurate, up-front estimate, based on which type of gas furnace best fits the requirements for your home heating. We never pressure you, we offer free estimates, and promise only professional service from start to finish.

Our N.A.T.E. certified installers will work with you to provide a stress-free gas furnace installation; you'll hardly notice we were even there. We will respect your home and make sure your new gas furnace is up and running with hassle-free service and a guaranteed professional installation job.

Gas Furnaces are still the Standard in Heating Systems for MN Homes

Today's High Efficiency Gas Furnaces produce Clean, Comfortable Heat

If you replace an older furnace with a 97 percent efficient system, you can cut your heating bills around 20 percent. Professional Mechanical Services, LLC can determine the proper size furnace for your home (many existing furnaces are oversized and inefficient) and recommend choices that are in your budget.

In an effort to curb energy waste and pollution; on March 12, 2015 the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) proposed amendments to the energy conservation standards for residential gas furnaces to turn at least 80 percent of its fuel into heat. Most current furnace models sold in Minnesota already meet or surpass this proposed standard. The energy efficiency of our Goodman furnaces rate as high as 98 percent for their top of the line, high efficiency model.

So if repairing your old furnace is going to cost 30% of the price of a new heating system, then it's time to invest in a new furnace. The up side to replacing is that you will not only get a system that will run quiet and dependably while keeping your family more comfortable, but you will also save money on your heating cost too!

Click to watch the “BUILT IN AMERICA” video featuring Goodman Furnaces.

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