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The most important part of the air conditioner shopping process is research. Understanding your home's needs, your own needs, and the right machine for the job could help you save countless dollars and give you years of comfort and efficiency. In fact, it's not true that the biggest air conditioner is always the best one. Compact units are more effective for homes of certain sizes.

We offer and install a whole range of air conditioner types:

  • Split HVAC systems
  • Package AC/Heat Pump systems
  • Ductless mini-splits
  • Wall units

The first thing you'll want to confirm (especially if your air conditioner is giving you trouble) is whether it would be better to repair your unit. Sometimes, air conditioner repair is far more effective option—many units might have years of good service left in them, even when something malfunctions.

The main factors that you should base your decision on are:

  • Equipment Age - When it comes down to it, any unit older than a decade should probably be replaced rather than fixed.
  • Investment Cost - Our technician can help you calculate the long-term costs of owning an older system vs. replacing it outright.
  • Utility Rates - Newer units are far more effective than units from a decade ago; energy savings should count toward your decision.

Don't sweat it! Let us help keep you cool on the most humid summer days

We take the guesswork out of determining which air conditioner is best

Our technicians aren't just experts at heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; we're experts in understanding what people truly need. If your system only needs repairs, our team will let you know and equip you to make the best decision for your home. If you're already set on replacement, we'll get to work on evaluating your home and giving you a list of AC units that give you what you're looking for!

We recommend Goodman as our top brand because of the success we've had with these high quality products. Goodman® air conditioners range from 13 SEER to 18 SEER, but we recommend not going with anything larger than a 16 SEER; because larger units are typically not needed for the amount of time we use our air conditioning in Minnesota.

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