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Air Conditioning Repair and Troubleshooting for all types of AC Units

There is never a convenient time for an Air Conditioning system to breakdown; that’s why our fully stocked service vans carry the most frequently used parts for all brands of residential central air conditioners. If you want your air conditioning working as soon as possible, give us a call at 612-655-9101, we can make most repairs on the same day as our service call.

Our N.A.T.E. certified Air Conditioning technicians will:

  • Inspect your Air Conditioning System (including the air handler/furnace fan)
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Explain what repairs are needed
  • Prepare an upfront repair price for you to approve or decline

Professional Mechanical Services, LLC provides much more than just a quick fix, our repairs are high-quality with professional workmanship that is meant to last and give you peace of mind. If your air conditioner has broken, turning to just any service company is out of the question. Let Professional Mechanical Services, LLC tackle your issue. When the heat is unbearable and waiting for a day is an eternity, you can call us for emergency service, 24 hours a day, 7days a week. Let us repair your air conditioner unit and get you back into cool comfort once again. We can usually identify the problem with your air conditioner and resolve it in just one visit.

After servicing thousands of homes, we have a solid understanding of the obstacles most homeowners are facing (and even the mistakes they make). Chances are that your problems are something we’ve seen and already developed a solution for. If anything below sounds familiar, give us a call.

We are Specialists in Air Conditioning, HVAC and AC Repairs for homes

The Air Conditioner Problems that most MN homeowners encounter are:

  • The air conditioner won’t power on
  • The unit will make strange noises or vibrations
  • Warm air coming through where cool air should be
  • The unit is on, but the fan is not moving
  • The fan is moving, but the compressor isn’t working
  • Water has gathered around the air conditioner

The root causes of these problems can vary, but our technicians have pooled together the most common culprits for these problems.

No power to the air conditioner - When you turn down the thermostat and nothing happens, you may have a tripped breaker, have a loose wire or even a short circuit.

Worn out fan belt - A squealing sound could indicate the fan belt is wearing out and needs to be replaced.

Refrigerant leak – A hissing sound means that the refrigerant is leaking. This decreases efficiency and is bad for the environment.

Frozen evaporator coil - Constant operation at night, a reduced refrigerant level and poor circulation can result in a frozen evaporator coil.

Defective fan motor - This can prevent proper air circulation in your home.

Defective compressor - Air feels warm because the compressor isn’t working properly. This is one of the most expensive components of an air conditioner.

Clogged condensate drain - Algae, dirt, insect nests and other debris can clog the condensate drain over time, potentially leading to water damage.

Thankfully, these are all fixes that our technicians can handle on a single visit. Before our work begins, we provide a detailed list of our planned repairs so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We’ll provide the best quality parts for the job, ensuring that you won’t need those problems repaired for a long time to come.

Call Professional Mechanical Services, LLC at 612-655-9101 or click Contact Us. If you live in the northwest Twin City metro area, we’ll be there as quick as possible to help you out!

(Remember: We are always available 24/7 if you need emergency service.)